Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What I have been up to

Hi Everyone

Well I have broke one of my new resoloutions to blog more. Have no idea where the time has gone, but it is nearly Easter.

So what I have been doing with my time since I last blog.  Well to start with I have extended and improved my working area in in my bedroom.  It is great to get organised.  I have been modge podging containers to use in my working area.  I post some pictures later on once I have finished orgainising the area.

I have spent time creating some plants for an a friend, which has taken me longer than I thought.  I have finally finished these and will some pictures.

I went on a Needle felting workshop with Eve O'Neill of Fforestfelt.  Eve ceates the most amazing birds out of felt.  I had so much fun on the workshop where I created the nest below.  I also create a cat for my doll house.  It is my first attempt at a dolls house animal and I was really pleased with him.  I plan to make some more cats and improve on my first one.  Will post some more pictures at a later point.  I have done needle felting in the past but the workshop really inspired me to get my roving and needles out again. 

I created this needle felted pincushion to store my felting needles in on my desk.  I have been wanting to have a go at a pincushion in a cup for a while now.  I bought this papier mache gift box at Christmas to modge podge as a gift.  I started to paint it but change my mind and put it aside to use at another time.  So I thought I would turn it into a pincushion.  So here is the end product.  The tree has a wire base.  My mum wants me to make her one.


If you would like to have a go at one of these pincushion then check out the following tutorials;


 I purcharsed this book from Amazon, which has some great felt animals in it.  I have been planning to add some chickens and pigs to my tudor house as a small farm yard.  So when I saw the pigs on the front cover of this book, I thought that I would have a go at them for the my dolls house.

love Toira

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