Saturday, 12 January 2013

Christmas Swaps

Hi Everyone

I had a great time, creating some swaps for Christmas.  Thank you to everyone.

International Christmas Swap

I received these lovely items from Blanche.

I sent the following items to Linda

Christmas Chain

I received the these lovely items from Rosella

I sent the following items to Rosella

and to Monica

Lv Toria

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year to everyone

Hi Everyone

Another year gone and a new one just started.

I decided this year not to make the usual new year resolutions  - like losing weight, etc.  But three resolutions that I am going to make are

  • To create more Miniatures..
  • To open my Etsy shop.  I am hoping to open it Sept/Oct time, if not earlier.  So I am busy making items to put in there.Will post some pictures shortly, so hope to hear what everyone thinks of them.
  • To Blog more
I have been working on project for my Tudor house.  I have finished off the painting for the bedroom and bathroom, and just need to clean the beams off.  Not decided on the colour for the dining room, but have decided to decorate the Great hall in a Art and Craft inspired decor.  After seeing Wightwick Manor on the TV.

I am creating a new fireplace wall with a servants door leading to the kitchen.  I wanted to change the fireplace for a while, as I feel it does not suit the interior I would like.   Will post some pictures of the fireplace wall in the next few days.

I like this verse that is on a fireplace at Wightwick Manor.  May use this on my fireplace or another verse.

Here are some mini's that I have done recently. 

The Mirror was my first attempt of using cold porcelain and buffing wax.  I was quite pleased with the result.  For the next mirror, I am do a layer of darker leaves first, so that there is more depth to it. Also the shape is not quite right for the place I was making it for.

The peonies, were my first attempts to get the flowers right.  Still working on it.  I added them to a jug of Lavender.

I was lucky enough to get Petite Properties 1/48th scale "Blackberry Farm" for Christmas from my Mum & Dad.  I have lots of ideas for the outside, I want to have a horse in the stable and chicken's in the yard.  I also would like to add a Sheppard's hut to the garden.  For the inside I am not sure.  Probably be a mix of shabby chic and any other style I like. 

This is my 2nd 1/48th scale house.  But unfortunately I had a slight accident with my first one and warped the wood, I think I used too much glue with the clay.  I am using the fireplaces that I created in the house.

I have painted the window flames and doors, but this is all I have done for now. 

Lv Toria

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