Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy new year to everyone and Minis Part Two

Hi Everyone

Well I did not get my house sorted, as we found the connector that links the main house to the hall was broke, so have to wait until we go shopping. 
But here are a few views of the house at Christmas

Outside my house

The lights on the roof are battery operated LED lights from 99p shop.
The two trees on the outside are from Poundland.  The two in the middle were
from a garden centre.  The came as a pair

The snow is a snow carpet from Poundland (thin sheet of wadding)

Inside my house

The two chests are antiques.  The sofa was a kit, that I reupholstered.
The lovely candle decoration on the chest is from Flor as part of the International
Christmas Swap.  The tiny Christmas, tree I made a few years ago.

I had to buy this when I saw it in Carolyn's Little Kitchen's Esty shop
It has taken me a while to decide where to put it. 

The Christmas cake was one I brought when I first got into miniatures,
about 21 years ago.  Was it really that long ago!
When I found it in my box, I could resist putting it on my Westie plate
and have mini Rosie, looking adoringly at it. 
Very much as the real sized one would do!

The candle decoration and the cute train are also from Flor,
part of my swap goodies.  The candle has a star cut out shape in it. 
The stocking are card embellishments.  I did want to make my own, but ran out of time.  As you can see I have not finished the fire off as yet. 
I have an fire light set, wired in, just have to buy a fire grate and add some wood.

The dolls house was one I brought a while ago, but I cannot remember
who the maker was.  I think it is so lovely, it usually stands out in the room,
but thought it looked wonderful under the tree.

I made and decorated the tree.  The tree was a kit from Janet Goodrick Miniatures
The tinsel and the bead chain was from Little Trimmings.  I plan to make a large one for next year with lights.

Now for some non miniature pictures.

Taken Christmas Morning. 

Lv Toria

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