Monday, 14 November 2011

Lastest miniatures

Hi Everyone

It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought I would share with you, my latest miniatures.

I have been having fun, with a past time that I used to do before moving to Pembrokeshire and this was making flowers from cold porcelain.  I pucked up the courage to create a garden in front of my house.  At the moment, I have only laid the beds out and created the flag stone path.  It has also given me a chance to display some of the wonderful plants that have collected.  I also decided to add a Ivy to part of the front, so have been busy making leaves.  I will post some photos of my partly made garden shortly.

The jugs, I adapted from Marlies, card jugs. Please see link - Jug Pattern
I still perfecting the method for them as well as getting a better handle.  These were the 2nd set I created.  The first as painted in Cornish wear colours and will be going in my bathroom next to my bath.

1/12th Jug set, made from cold porcelain. 
Largest one holds lavender and the smaller one has a butterfly that has landed on it
Showing Butterfly detail

1/12th Holly Wreath, made from cold porcelain. 
You even have to watch you fingers as the holly leaves are prickly.

1/12th Gothic Window Mirror and Red Geranium. 
The Geranium is also made from cold porcelain.

See you
Lv Toria


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  2. Lo siento, pero el sorteo de la silla al que te has apuntado ya se realizó en mayo. Ahora puedes apuntarte a otro en mi blog de ventas.

    Gracias y lo siento. María José

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  4. ¡Hola!!!
    Que gusto conocer tu blog♥ Me gusta mucho lo que he visto ( = Trabajas muy lindo!!!
    Y ahora ya soy tu seguidora ÜÜÜÜ
    Me toco darte en el intercambio de navidad que organiza Caterina ( = Espero poder hacer algo que te guste...Pero lo que si es seguro que lo haré con mucho cariño!!!
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